Monday, February 9, 2015

iTunes Tip-n-Split Restaurant Bill or Bar Tip LITE App (FREE)

Have you every gone out to eat with a group and tried to figure out bill?  Then check out this App! 

The Tip-n-Split LITE iTunes App (FREE) figures out your restaurant or bar tip and per person amount FAST and ACCURATELY with Tip-n-Split!

Keep your waitress happy and your service supreme by using Tip-n-Split to figure out your check total including the tip, in percent and dollar amount, and per person amount with precision, accuracy, and speed.

• Easily Calculates per Person Amount
• Automatically Calculates Tip Dollar Amount and Percentage
• Features Daytime & Nighttime Viewing Modes

Device Compatibility: Works on all devices running iOS 7.0 and up including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

There's also a Tip N Split Tip Calculator Andriod App that's FREE too!

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