Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Walmart: Possible Clearance on Flowers & Plants!

Walmart has begun clearancing their flowers and plants!  I stopped at Walmart yesterday to pick up a few flowers for my pots and hit it big.  The clearance stickers were just going on and the selection was huge!  At my store all the clearance items were reduced by 50%.  Look for clearance signs in lawn & garden AND in the greenhouse area.  All reduced items have the red sticker pictured.
I was able to get three big hibiscus plants (above) for $6.49 each.  These are gorgeous flowering plants that flower all summer long (you can bring them inside for the winter).  I’ve seen these for $20 at local greenhouses. I also picked up this Mandevilla (below) at 50% off. The clearance selection also included hanging baskets and 4-6 pack flowers and pot fillers.

If you are still looking for plants and flowers for summer, GO NOW!  I got all of mine for half price because I waited and found this awesome sale!

Thanks MoneySavingMadness

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