Monday, August 15, 2016

Giant PA: Crisco Cooking Oil 400 Extra Rewards Points Buy Idea

Thru Thursday at Giant PA, Crisco Cooking Oil is on sale for only $2.50 and part of the Buy 6, Earn 400 Extra Rewards Points.  NO COUPONS are needed and you can pick up six for only 83¢ after gas redemption.  Here's how:

This is a great deal since these have a 2-Year shelf life!

Buy (6) Crisco Canolo or Veggie Oil 48 oz. on sale only $2.50 each 
  • Buy 6, Earn 400 Extra Rewards Points Item  
Total $15 plus earn 400 Extra Rewards Points or $10 for 25 gallons of gas, making them only $5 or 83¢ each after gas redemption!

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